Showing potential for significant clinical impact.

AT-527 has demonstrated clinical safety/tolerability and potent antiviral efficacy in patients with HCV infection, as well as a favorable human pharmacokinetic (PK) profile. With potent in vitro activity against human coronaviruses, AT-527 is now being evaluated for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

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Key Profile Features of AT-527

Safety Icon

Well tolerated in approximately 30 HCV-infected patients treated for 7-days to up to 12-weeks with a QD (once daily) dose of 550mg of AT-527.

Excellent Oral Bioavailability Icon
Excellent Oral Bioavailability

High solubility promotes rapid absorption.

Convenient Delivery Icon
Convenient Delivery

Designed for QD or BID (twice daily) oral administration.

Long-term Stability Icon
Long-term Stability

Increases the shelf life of therapeutics.

COVID-19 Clinical Trial

To learn more about our current Phase 2 clinical trial for subjects with moderate coronavirus disease (COVID-19), please visit