Potential for significant clinical impact.

AT-527 has demonstrated clinical tolerability and potent antiviral activity in patients with HCV infection, as well as a favorable human pharmacokinetic (PK) profile. With potent in vitro activity against human coronaviruses, AT-527 is now being evaluated for treatment of COVID-19 patients.

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Key Profile Features of AT-527

Safety Icon

Well-tolerated in 28 HCV-infected patients who received a QD (once daily) dose of 550 mg of AT-527 for 7 days or up to 12 weeks.

Excellent Oral Bioavailability Icon
Excellent Oral Bioavailability

High solubility promotes rapid absorption.

Convenient Delivery Icon
Convenient Delivery

Designed for QD or BID (twice daily) oral administration.

Long-term Stability Icon
Long-term Stability

Increases the shelf life of therapeutics.

COVID-19 Clinical Trial

To learn more about our current Phase 2 clinical trial for patients with moderate coronavirus disease (COVID-19), please visit clinicaltrials.gov.